GRASP has based its principals on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). These are tools that are fundamental to consolidate a Quality Management System.

CWith an important European GMP+ certification with the scope of Production, storage, shipping and trading of premixes, additives, supplements and ingredients for animal feed, GRASP ensures food safety throughout the manufacturing supply chain links of its products.
GMP stems from the acronym Good Manufacturing Practices This international certificate incorporates concepts such as ISO 9001, APPCC, safety limits for undesirable substances, traceability, monitoring, prerequisite programs (PPR) and its own incident reporting system.

The GRASP programs allow traceability and quality control of all possible dangers of contamination and ensure that product is in accordance with all the legal and technical specifications.

Its proprietary laboratory enables GRASP

to have full autonomy in carrying out routine analyses and evaluations in order to monitor the quality and standardization of products.

Feed Safety Policy

GRASP assumes responsibility for:

• Manufacture safe products, free from hazard and ensuring that they are suitable for animal feed;
• Meet the requirements of the GMP+ standard and current legislation;
• Ensure customer satisfaction;
• Promote effective communication internally and throughout the production chain, regarding feed safety aspects applied to its products;
• Continuously improve its management system, aiming for quality and technological innovation in animal feed products development.