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Innovations in Piglet and Pet Nutrition

A line of products based on hyper immunized egg immunoglobulins (IgY), developed by the world’s Immunoglobulins’ research and application leader – Immunology Research Institute in Japan. Immunoglobulins are used in critical rearing phases of piglets and calves as well as for oral and intestinal prevention in dogs and cats.

Immunoglobulins or “Ig” are naturally found in all animals and represent the major class of antibody. They are macromolecule proteins, which are able to bind to pathogens, being so responsible for defending the body.

Young animals are vulnerable during their first weeks of life. While their immune system is not yet fully developed, there is a rapid decrease of the maternal immune defense (via colostrum). Challenges such as pathogens in the environment and stress by changes in management and nutrition contribute and have a negative impact on the animal, resulting in poor performance.

Extensive scientific studies, carried out in close cooperation with independent universities and other scientific institutions, demonstrated the positive benefits of our products.

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