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National Market

GRASP products are marketed through direct sales, distribution and representation to large national groups, agribusinesses, cooperatives, feed mills and farms. The company is also responsible for markets in Paraguay and Uruguay.

We offer qualified technical support to customers, distributors and partners. Regional characters of different markets or special features for individual customers are treated with priority.

International Market

International market negotiations were conducted by GRASP until 2008, and they are currently coordinated by EW | Nutrition (Visbek / Germany). With offices in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Oceania we can ensure comprehensive coverage of GRASP’s products throughout the world.

We participate in international events, with the objective of prospecting customers and consolidating established partnerships, as well as reinforcing our presence alongside EW | Nutrition in the livestock market.

A good indicator of our success is the rapid growth and recognition of our products by foreign clients. This motivates us to move forward, creating new designs and products, always meeting nutrition needs of the future.

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